Saturday, June 23, 2018
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    Nuwakot-based Journalist Thrashed

    A group of persons thrashed and injured Editor and Publisher of Nuwakot Jagaran Weekly, Shiva Devkota on November 17, Sunday at around 12.45 PM, while he was attending the people awareness campaign of the Nepali Congress (NC).

    The persons manhandled me causing injury in my right hand while I was expressing my views in the awareness campaign in the capacity of Chairperson of Nepal Press Union, Nuwakot, according to journalist Devkota.

    Freedom Forum denounces the act of harassing and assaulting journalist and asks the government to come up with strong plans to ensure safety and security to journalists. It is the sheer violation of freedom of expression and opinion so that the state should be cautious towards guaranteeing people's rights. The Forum asks the government to bring culprit to book and provide necessary expenses for the treatment.
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